Sync E-RM Multiclock with VCV

What is the config for sync my external clock with Impromptu Clocked on vcv ? (VCV Library - Impromptu Clocked) Thxxx Gregory

If you have an audio input on your soundcard you can send clock pulses through the audio module and sync the clock to them.

But you should initialize the Audio-8 module each time you start Rack or load a patch, because there is a small bug that causes additional latency on the audio inputs if you don’t first initialize it each time.

Also you might have to add an offset to the incoming clock pulses, depending on what shape they arrive in at the audio input. They might get filered and offset by the soundcards internal filters, so watch them on a scope and adjust them if needed.

On Impromptu Clocked you then have to select the correct mode for synchronization to the resolution of your clock signal.

Thank you yes a use the ext “audio in” on my clock from the “audio out” of my Apollo twin x

and use “audio input” for my rytm and synth modular

The way you wrote it makes it seem to me like you’re confusing outputs and inputs :), but the picture looks right, yes :slight_smile:

I don’t receive signal on clocked… with my output :confused:

Ok signal on canal 3… ^^ but not start stop on the e-rm… :slight_smile:

If you set Impromptu Clocked to the correct mode it should immediately react when you start or stop the clock. Use the MODE buttons under the BPM input for that, for example “P 4” for 4 PPQN.

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i not understanding … the multiclock sync “audio in” ? she don’t start

clocked need another patch cable ?

wait a sec… I just googled the E-RM multiclock… looks like it’s MIDI only, no audio clock output, so this method is not possible with it, sorry…

What you need is the MIDI-CV module and take the clock from it’s clock output.

You can expect it to be somewhat unstable though, if you can run your soundcard on a low buffer size that helps a bit.

It seems to have an audio input, and that is also why you seemingly confused outputs and inputs here… the input could maybe be used for receiving a clock pulse from the ouput of your soundcard, then Clocked would have to be the master and you should send one of its ouputs out of your soundcard to the E-RM

Look it please :wink: [Midi sync to external clock — Dropping out - #7 by evan1]

If you want the E-RM to be the master you have to use MIDI via the MIDI-CV module. If you want Impromptu CLOCKED to be the master, send one of it’s clock outputs out of the soundcard into the audio input on your E-RM.

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Thank you I will test it soon :wink:

That is not correct, see page 9:

It can do both analog clock out on port 1 (ERM master), and analog clock in (ERM slave). I would recommend you attach a scope to the audio module to check you are receiving a clock pulse.


Yes it’s ok ^^ Sync VCV with E Rm >> Modular synth and rytm mk2 Need player and the wav sample from e-rm download on the site… Mode P 24 on the Clocked :slight_smile:

Hey are you still using the same setup? Or have you found out better solutions along the way?