Symbol not found: _modelFoo


My first attempt at a plugin, written against version 1.1.6 of the Rack SDK, fails when trying to load

[2.631 warn src/plugin.cpp:158] Could not load plugin
.../Documents/Rack/plugins-v1/dsh: Failed to load library
.../Documents/Rack/plugins-v1/dsh/plugin.dylib: dlopen
(.../Documents/Rack/plugins-v1/dsh/plugin.dylib, 6): Symbol
not found: _modelTick
Referenced from: .../Documents/Rack/plugins-v1/dsh/plugin.dylib
Expected in: flat namespace
in .../Documents/Rack/plugins-v1/dsh/plugin.dylib

I am not sure where the underscore in the name is coming from, I’ve declared it as

extern Model* modelTick;

There’s no module .cpp file in the /src directory, so the entire module, including the Model global isn’t being defined.

Ah thank you, appears (perhaps at my direction) put it in the res directory.