Switching between Mutes/Fades in Mindmeld Mixmaster

I’m using my BSP’s control mode for mixing live while recording along with Mindmeld’s Mixmaster and was wondering if the following would be possible:

Using the trigger buttons on the BSP through a Midi-CV module to control the mutes/fades AND having a set of triggers for mutes (killing the track completely, instantly) and one for fades. ie: is it possible to have a fade assigned to a channel and have that triggered by one input, and it still be muted instantly by a different input?

There are sections of the piece I’m working on that sometimes I want to mute instantly, and others I want to fade (without having to turn a knob if I’m doing something else.)


I think it’s possible, since the beatstep has many different channel, i guess you could use various midi-cv modules set to different channels? Maybe it would do the trick :slightly_smiling_face: Like on channel 1 your trigs will trigger a fade, and on channel 2 your trigres will trigger the mute

Beatstep Pro, Hardware, step and drum sequencer :slight_smile:

TBH the hardware isn’t relevant, it’s the capabilities of Mixmaster that I’m wondering about. If I can assign one trigger (from any source) to a mute, and another to a fade on the same channel. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can, you’ll need mutes before mixmaster inputs.

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I know this future readers of the thread may not!

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That would be the plan. I already know I can switch the channel of the BSP’s control mode on the fly to use the controls for different things and have tested this successfully. :smiley: My question is really whether setting a fade on a channel in MixMaster totally overrides the mute or whether it’s still there to be triggered separately from the fade.

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Oh i see ! Haven’t used Mindmeld so far so can’t answer :sweat_smile:

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Unfortunately the modes of the fade/mute are mutualy exclusive, so you can only set it to mute or fade, but not both. The menu setting which controls this (in the track menus, called “Fade:”) can either be OFF (= mute) or a non-zero fade time (= fade), and this menu item is unfortunately not mappable.

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I guess this is the good answer then, you’ll need some mutes before the mixer then :slight_smile: with 1 channel activating the mutes on your mute module, and another channel activating the fades directly on the mixer

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Next version ? :nerd_face::smile:

Très beau module, Marc

Merci Marc, maybe one day :thinking: :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: That answers my question.