Sweet Little Zombie March

Hi Rackerz
Today I present to you a simple patch in which I used the Rescomb2 module (which will be released soon in the full paid version of Vult modules). I must admit that I fell in love with these sounds. I present to you a small sample of the capabilities of this module. I am still exploring its possibilities and in the near future I will probably publish some videos using Rescomb 2. I greet you warmly.

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Sounds is really bad in this video. Sorry for that i need to change mixer module

Lovely sounds. Reminds me a lot of string instruments. Is the patch made publicly available?

Eh, it’s hard to admit mistakes, but it’s the best. I present to you this time an improved version of the previous movie. The idea remains the same. Unfortunately, in the previous version the sound was disgusting probably due to the mixer. Somehow I used the mixer from Mschack so far and I do not know what changed me. Well, it worked out how it came out. This time I checked the sound before publishing on YT. I leave the previous version as a warning and let me remember to check in the future. You do not have to watch the previous version and believe that sometimes you can easily screw up something.

Patch it will be soon when the latest version of the Vulta package containing the Rescomb2 module is published.

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Cool, looking forward to it!

yeah.I stopped midway on the 1st.Sounded over modded.The new,improved version is way nicer.Cheers.