Svgo optimized SVG


yesterday, after participating in this thread I was wondering which is the better way to optimize a svg file since it seems that the editing software can affect the operation of the graphics.

so… , I found SVGO that is a Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.

it work through the command line, but you can use it via onilne app or plugging to some software among others

I tested and work pretty nice

PD : I think if you are an inkscape user, you don’t need this tool since you can save as optimized svg, except if you use this to optimize a loot of images through the command line (inkscape can be used to process image through the command line but save optimized svg is not in the command features)


I use SVGO in Impromptu and I really like what it does. Worth trying out for those interested.

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