SVG Scaling Issue On Screen Unlock

On windows, occasionally, I walk away, my screen locks, and when I unlock my screen to restart my work, MOST of the SVG portions of the modules are double drawn at different scales. There is a 2X (ish) sized version of the panel drawn as a background, and then the correct size set of knobs and ports drawn overtop? No amount of resizing the window corrects the problem. Stopping and restarting VCV does fix the problem.

I am posting here 1) to see if someone else has seen this and 2) I was afraid my own module development may be corrupting memory for other modules, but I have since tried patches without my modules, and I have completely removed/uninstalled my modules as well. And I still run into the problem - occasionally. And 3) if this rings a bell for the VCV people maybe they just fix it :slight_smile:

All the ports are drawn in the correct locations. And some modules don’t suffer this problem. For instance the Surge XT modules seem to be immune (possibly because they are doing all their own drawing? Not sure (I made that up based on a glance at the code a few months ago).

I have attached a couple of pictures. The first is the double drawn double sized version, and then the second is what I would consider the correct version after I restart VCV.


Hmm. I saw this in the 2.3 change log from 8 March.

" * Fix incorrect panel scale when moving window between screens with different scale."

I was suspect the unlocking of the screen affects VCV (change in resolution or similar), will try the new version, and report back if it continues to happen.