SVG makefile is offset

Hello, i could use your help!

I am trying to make my own plugin for VCV Rack, i’ve followed all the steps and I am able to create my Module with the makefile based on the SVG. The makefile detect that I have all the parameters that I wanted but when I open my plugin in VCV Rack the components are offset.

I tried to create the module with the SVG template by VCV Rack and it worked fine. I don’t understand why mine isn’t working even tho I followed the panel guide Inkscape dimensions MyModule vcvrackplugin

Any help would be really kind!:slight_smile:

Can you post a link to the actual files? It’s really hard to figure anything out without the actual source code :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you using the right scaling for the document in Inkscape? You mentioned that the template works fine, which I’d assume has the right formatting.

I had some confusion with malplaced inputs, because I didn’t use the right scaling in Inkscape, cause I created an SVG from the the ground up. So now I just always start with the template, to avoid messing stuff up.

In Inkscape go to File>Document Properties. Check the format and display units. Compare it to the template. If it doesn’t match the template, try match it to the templates settings.


Thank you so much for your response! I did it without changing the dimension of the template SVG and it did work!

Thank you for taking the time it really helped me out! I am curious why the other format didn’t work but i’ll look for a fix another time! Thanks again!

Have a nice day!!

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