SVG file size change after color modification

After changing the color of a background SVG file the size of the background changes also:
After color change:20

Any idea?
Had this several times in the past but did not find any solution.

Looks like you resized the background from the bottom up, the top is OK but the bottom is shifted, what app did you use ?

Graphic for Mac 3.1

It seems it looses a bit from the bottom and from the right side.
Normaly there is no such problem, only a few modules show this behavior after changing the background color

Just used Inkscape on Win7 and all I changed was the colour and it looks OK :

The reason VCV recommends Inkscape for editing/creating SVG files is because it’s the only good editor to my knowledge that uses SVG as its internal data structure itself, rather than Adobe Illustrator, Affinty Designer, etc which converts SVG to its own data structure when importing and converts back to SVG when exporting. (Also because it’s free software.)


perhaps is a dpi issue older versions of inkscape use 72dpi and newest use 90
it can be fixed using cm as unit like Andrew recommend too

Fixed it with Graphic for mac, here are the results: