SVG Eurorack height specification

New developer here starting out. The Panel Guide says to make the SVG the height of a Eurorack module. Seems obviously correct. But the example SVG files in the Fundamental res directory have heights all over the place, not at all uniform.

What am I missing? Do the SVG’s have to be 128.5mm tall, and wiidth an integer multiple of the Eurorack HP?

if you are using inkscape, older versions use different dpi than the newest (I m not sure if it helps)

Are you confusing panel svgs with the other svgs? Because of course there are plenty of knob and switch svg that are smaller. In any case panels must be size you want them to appear at. Most, but not all, modules have a panel that is the size of the module. There are modules that have no panel or where the panel isn’t the full size of the module. For example, our Seq++ has a panel that is full height, but only fills the left third of the module, the rest is drawn in code and does not use svgs. The bogaudio XL spectrum analyzer has no panel at all, or does not appear to. Which fundamental panels seem odd?

In short, yes.

Height is 128.5mm and 1hp width is 5.08mm

Work to that and you’ll have no issues.

Some of the older Fundamental stuff was done in pixels before the spec changed to mm which might account for the differences you are seeing.

Many Fundamental modules are older than the first public release of VCV Rack. Therefore some panels use pixels instead of mm. This makes their size dependent on DPI, which is a ratio between physical lengths and pixels. As of ~2018, we require all panel designers to use physical units such as mm. See