svg drop shadow rendering.

So I’ve made my own knob and port svg files. There still seems to be a drop shadow on the render in rack though. Does anyone know where this shadow is defined, or more exactly, how it is overridden so as not to appear (on the port in particular)?

SvgKnob has a shadow member VCV Rack API: rack::app::SvgKnob Struct Reference

Which is a CircularShadow VCV Rack API: rack::app::CircularShadow Struct Reference

You could set its opacity to zero shadow->opacity = 0.0f;

or I suppose you could set SvgKnob->shadow = NULL; perhaps? (Not sure if that is a good thing to do or not)

Edit: SvgPort is the same VCV Rack API: rack::app::SvgPort Struct Reference

Compile in progress. I just went for a square shape with a centred circle, so the shadow kind of looks strange below the port. I might even try font rendering to the front panel in this latest module, using some “nice” font.

EDIT: Cool.