SV Modular Synth Voice interface design? Please improve!

I just picked up the 7 modules that included some really great sounding complete voices, but the interface design could use a serious rehaul. Let’s take Alchemy for example. I plopped it in Rack, and the first thing I noticed was all of the jacks on the right hand side of the module are completely unreadable. Now if I had the patience to zoom in/out with Rack I’d possibly overlook this, but I had to use the SV Modular website to get a blown up image of the front panel just to read the jack’s descriptions. Please, make the module readable!

On this note, it would be nice for those not blessed with keen eyes, that if the devs of VCV Rack would allow for hover over tooltips that possibly enlarge the interface descriptors.

Not shitting on this module, just making suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks.

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Panels are meant to imitate the real article, they’re smaller than your hand.

Personally, I find even the official Fundamental panels unreadable at 100% zoom on my standard definition display. And even my own panels, actually. Since it takes 1 second to zoom in to a size I prefer, and 10 seconds for everything to fully redraw, personally I’m patient enough to do that.

This was the first time with any module offered for Rack where I could not read the panel. I know it’s a pain to have to change those things, but a little can go a long way here.

With my eurorack IRL I can simply lean in to read obscure text. =)

Really? I’d find that beyond annoying, it’s pretty much instantaneous here on current patch with 65 modules. What are you running on?

Port tooltips will be available in Rack v2.

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Desktop PC, Windows 10, i7-4790, 32GB RAM, Radeon RX 580 8GB (current stable drivers). VCV graphics performance seems to vary a lot across machines and not be really commensurate to available hardware, I think. I generally stay at around 120% zoom.

Linux desktop i7-4790k, 32GB, RX570 here, I suggest you’ve a problem somewhere, as said mine redraws on zoom near instantaneous on 4K full screen!

I typically have zoom at 109% which gives me five rows at 4K.

My old laptop with integrated graphics redraws on zoom faster than your system.

That long redraw on a computer with those specs sounds very odd.

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I agree that the fonts on this panel are awfully small. I don’t think VCV modules use fonts this small. Also the font itself is a little less readable than most. It’s always a trade off with panels, but this one does seem to be pushing the limits.

I also have an instant redraw on all of my machines. Surface Book 2, MacBook 2017, and the 15" MacBook. Even with the discrete graphics off! just running on the intel chipset. My redraw is almost instant. Maybe a faulty driver? Other than that I reduced the refreshrate to 30hz and turned on low res mode on my macs because i didn’t want my fans to get crazy.

I m not sure if the SV modular dev attend feature request from this forum, however here is his email I contacted him before about some issues and the response was quick

now IMHO the tipo is ok as is, but I saw the panel and certainly have a bit space to increase the size.

Some of our plugins do this already - it’s quite easy to put tooltips anywhere you want them. We did ask for a supported feature to do this over a year ago, but it was turned down because making a bigger panel was considered the best way to deal with these issues.

This gave me an idea to use a webcam and facial recognition to zoom Rack whenever you lean in to your screen. But then irl and virtual zoom would add up to an uncomfortable level so maybe not such a good idea x)

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Sneezing would be scary!


btw, I get a new computer every 10 years, and this was my year :wink: 4k monitor and 27 inches… Now rack is “too zoomed in”, I usually use it at < 100%. “Retina resolution” really makes VCV Rack and modules look super nice. But obviously expansive if you don’t already need to do this. fwiw I got a “super cheap” LG monitor.

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