Surround & VCV Rack Guide (FR)

Hello VCV Rack community,

Here is a guide about using VCV Rack for surround, based on the example of an 8 channel configuration :

You can download the PDF at the bottom of this page. For the moment the guide is in French only.

If you have any recommendations or would like to help, please contact me.


Bonjour Valentin,

My French is very rusty, but that looks like an interesting introduction to surround sound with VCV Rack.

I think it would be important to let the reader know that the channel allocation can vary depending on the target system.

For example, sometimes I target my Dolby 7.1 system which is eight channels, usually arranged as L R C LFE LS RS SL SR. Multi-channel FLAC files often follow this layout.

If you want to extend the number of channels in preparation for conversion to Dolby Atmos, you’ll need at least a 7.1.4 Atmos bed.

If you’re targeting one of the binaural products, e.g. Binauralizer Studio (VST), the channel arrangement can be different again

I like making 7.1 mixes with main content sent to the front 3 speakers, then DELAY sends to my surrounds and REVERB sends to the rears. Spacey mixes!

  • Paul “Uncle Chrome” Artola