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Attempting variations on Surge Flute2 in rack, close but no cigar just yet :slight_smile:

Would love to hear the Surge XT Flute any audio? I loves a bit of flute me!!

Have a go yourself:

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Here’s what I have got to so far. More cicada than flute, u any nearer?

Surge XT fLUTE wip.vcv (14.9 KB)

Could a friendly mod split this into a more appropriate topic pls? Surge XT Patching?

Yes. Yes they can.


Could you save & post as a VCV selection, just the surge modules, so I can import into my fixed rack template?

Ok mate can do. Also included the VCV ADSR

Surge XT Flute-cicadas.vcvs (17.0 KB)

sf.vcvs (12.9 KB)

Surge Flute 2.vcvs (21.1 KB)


So one of the less used so far modules in XT is the tuned delay which is basically a single comb filter with a v/oct and sample delay correction for exactly the style of physical modeling you have in surge just with a compensation for all the one sample delays you pick up with the rack propagation model.

If you have BaconMusic in your rack library as well as XT and fundamental this should play a recorder ensemble of the aria from the goldberg variations for you and you can play with things as you see fit. I had originally patched it with the new EGxVCA module which I’m working on for 2.1 but you don’t have that yet, hence the fundamental VCA and ADSR.

Hope this helps spark your adventures, even though it isn’t exactly flute 2, it is a lot of the ideas indeed. Neat exercise.

TunedDelay.vcv (2.6 KB)

(That weird patching of gate to mixer input 3 is so I can force the polyphony down the network since TunedDslay has a bug, I just realized, that the polyphony follows the inputs, not the max of the inputs or v/oct. I’ll fix that for 2.1 then that patch won’t be needed).


Cool, I need to explore down this path as the patch sounds wonderful! Thanks.

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I found the .mid files. Can I add to this with my own .mid files, or are they hard-coded into the module?

Since Meander for Windows was totally MIDI based, I have lots of .mid files from that era in the last millennium.

TunedDelay.vcv (3.3 KB)

Here’s another version with two wave shapers to add some more harmonics and a string oscillator in parallel to do some attack tightening. It’s now sounding a bit more like a holiday instrument of some sort so figured I would share

@k-chaffin that module has built in open licensed midi files for testing. If you recompile it yourself it is easy to add others and i’ve considered doing a ‘load midi file’ option but i really just use it for testing polyphonic network with the aria, the 1st variation or with moonlight 3.


That one is great also. Thanks.

Whereas I would enjoy it if you added .mid file load capabilities to the module, I should probably explore what MIDI players we have in Rack 2.

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yeah i figured it was covered elsewhere well

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One is not submitted to the library, in case you’re not strict about that. A really good player IMO.

GitHub - WrongPeople/WrongPeopleVCV: Modules for VCV Rack 1.x.


Here is my latest music created with Meander, Surge XT, Aaron Static, and ML featured modules. This uses the Surge XT sample patches posted earlier today by Paul. Note, this uses the pre-release Surge XT modules which are not in the library yet, but waiting in queue to be added to the library.

This is a variation of a piece I have been working on recently to showcase Meander sequencing Aaron Static DiatonicCV chords as triads, 7ths and 9ths chords and arpeggiating using ML PolyArp. There are 4 instances of the Surge patch voices.

Life is Surging and Meandering–Always.vcv (15.9 KB)


This is a great idea.