Surge XT modules - V2

:fr: Lors de la préparation de tutoriaux sur les modules Surge XT, j’ai monté un patch contenant quasiment tous leurs modules. Une petite mélodie sur un séquenceur, une partie batterie sur un autre séquenceur, et le tout a grossi ;O)

Ceci est la V2, après pas mal de petites modifications… Par contre, j’ai fini par écrouler mon CPU . La V3 aura pour objectif d’optimiser l’utilisation par les modules du CPU (et çà, ce n’est pas gagné :o) Chouette chalenge à venir !

:uk: When preparing tutorials about “Surge XT” modules, I used almost all of their modules. A short melody and different voices in a sequencer (Entrian one), a drum part on another sequencer (Entrian again), and day after day, everything grew bigger ;O)

This is the V2, after a lot of small modifications… On the other hand, I ended up collapsing my CPU. So V3 will aim to optimize the use of the CPU by modules (and I guess it will not be easy :o) Great challenge ahead! Tell me if you like it ;0)

VCV Rack - Patch “Ambiance” avec les modules “Surge XT” - V2

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If you have cpu problems, turn on the cpu meters. Then find the module that is a cpu pig. Then don’t use it any more.

Well, I made the test, but there are so many modules! The two mixing units from Mind Meld with their expanders, external effects, and the rest are Surge XT modules. It was a sort of test to shoot several tutorials about Surge XT. So I used almost all of them! But in a regular use, they are so great. Wahoo. Really Interesting.


I have had luck recently by using stoermelder strip to turn groups of modules on and off (essentially disable/enable function) when not using certain sections of the patch. It might not apply to every type of patch, but it’s a cool thing to be able to do.

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Thank you for your idea! Is there a module which makes possible to select a group of modules not « continuous » (not side by side)?


Look under engine/threads/1 (lowest cPU usage) 2 (Most modules). I change this sometimes when I use Surge XT modules.

Will try. Thanks. Alain


Not that I know of… think they have to be next to eachother. This is usually just rearranging a patch or simply adding a few instances of strip though :slight_smile:

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