Suggestions for DJ software and a controller


I’ve been generating a lot of tracks using both AI Test Kitchen and Stable Audio. I feel like the best way to put them to use would be to dip my toes into creating DJ mixes. I’ve been playing with Algoriddim DJ Pro on Windows – and it seems like a great tool.

Buying a DJ controller might be my next step, and I think a 4 track controller would be best, but I’m hesitant to purchase a Reloop Mixon 4 because it’s expensive and is 8 years old. A used one seems fairly reasonable.

Since I’m brand new to this, it’s very likely that I’m overlooking advancements in both hardware and software. Any recommendations?


NI Traktor Pro 3 is the king of DJ Software I think (at least it was last time I looked a few years back…)

The Traktor Control S3 is their ‘budget’ 4 track controller which is about half the price of the ‘premium’ S4.

I think the price of the Reloop Mixon 4 falls somewhere between those two.

If you want to stick with Algoriddim DJ Pro, I believe the 4 track Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 supports it on Windows now but best double check - see last post here:

There’s also the newer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT that may or may not support it.


I was looking at the Buddy:

And I was thinking to myself… that’s pretty cool. Nice layout and everything. Cool that it has an ipad stand. And then… I was thinking more about it. Wait… the ipad is touch sensitive.

… and I own an ipad…


If I’m not scratching on it, I should just use my ipad! DOH!

Where I’m actually headed right now is using Waveform 12 to throw together some ideas, since I never was considering doing anything live anyhow. I know that Waveform 12 is pretty simple compared with Ableton Live, but sometimes I crave simplicity.

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Have you considered DJ Player Pro, in that case? Very (very!) capable and reliable standalone IOS DJ application, that also works with sound cards and midi/DJ controllers, is DVS capable, Stems capable, etc, etc…

DJ Player Pro for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

It’s what I bought for tablet-only DJing, and I don’t think anything comes close in that space.