Suggestion: Per-module default templates

Sorry if this isn’t where Rack suggestions should go, it just seemed like the most relevant forum.

I notice a lot, in patch-from-scratch videos and in my own workflow, artists having to “initialize” modules to their own preferences every time they import them. Especially envelopes! FM-OP, Slap… For those who love snappy sounds, always having to drag the attack and sustain down gets a bit laborious.

I know about the Preset feature in the context menu, but I think it’d be awesome to be able to set per-module templates, similar to the (also awesome) patch template feature.

Also the brilliant STRIP module from stoermelder could solve this, but that’s about the same amount of effort as loading a preset.

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It’s coming in 2.0!


Welcome neithweave, as Aria said this will be implemented in v2. For future reference feature requests and bug reports for VCV Rack should be submitted to GitHub.

Keep an eye on the dev blog and social media for other features:

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It’s possible now to have per module templates with MyLittleFavorites module from MyLittleTools

@VCVRackIdeas discusses how he uses it in his production template YouTube-link


Aha, good to hear! Thank you, Aria.

@Coirt My bad, I’ll go there in the future.

@bp.dtmr I think I remember learning about the Favorites module but at the time it wasn’t in v1 so I couldn’t really be bothered. Thanks for letting me know!