Substation v2.2.6 Update (ARM64 Support)



Slime Child Audio is happy to announce a new update for Substation, v2.2.6. This version adds oft-requested support for ARM64 versions of Rack, and updates to the latest version of the Rack SDK.

v2.2.6 also marks the end of the plugin’s official support window. Substation was released almost four years ago, and we are choosing to focus time on new plugin development.

The update is live on and will be landing in the VCV Library soon, so keep an eye out for it.

As always, please send us all the amazing things you are making with Substation, and let us know if you’d like them featured on the website!

Coriander V. Pines

Slime Child Audio


(Please note that since Slime Child does not own any Mac ARM devices, extensive QA has not been performed on that platform. Bugs may come up, and there’s not much we can do about that.)

You have the icons for win and lin versions swapped.

Interesting that you are selling the plugin via!

This is inspiring me to maybe one day do the same :thinking:

Good to see you back on here. What are the new plugins-Vsts or Rack orientated? Time to dust off Substation and getting it on again I think!

I don’t know how much this is Substation or just VCV doing this but never noticed this happen before with other modules. Just installed latest version (2.2.6) and moved the VCV plugin screen from my smaller monitor (27" 1440p scaling 100%) to my larger one (32" 2160p scaling 150%) and all the modules went from looking like this on the original screen

to looking like this on the 150% scaled screen…

and if I move the plugin window back onto the other monitor it goes back to looking normal.

I guess this is scaling related but just wondering who should look into it. I am only guessing it’s the code in Substation showing bitmaps on the module surfaces because the VCV audio module isn’t affected by this at all.

FTR this was in Reaper x64 on a Windows 11 PC and same thing happened with the CLAP and VST versions of the plugin. Can also confirm that if I change the 4K monitor from 150% to 100% scaling the panels on the Substation modules are fine and aren’t incorrectly resized.

How does it look running in standalone Rack?