Substation: Looking for Feedback

Hello everyone! I’m getting ready to release my first paid Rack plugin and I’d love to get some feedback on it.

Substation is a collection of modules designed around subharmonics and polyrhythms. It was inspired by the Moog Subharmonicon, but it’s not a clone of that.

The plugin includes a clock, envelope gen, 4-pole lowpass, subharmonic VCO, mixer, quantizer, VCA, and polyrhythmic sequencer.

Any feedback is appreciated!

If you’re interested, reply or DM me and I’ll send you a link to the builds. You’ll also get a free copy of the final plugin when it’s released, and be credited in the manual.

Thanks in advance!

Since I’m a new forum member, I can only reply/DM a limited number of times per day. I promise I’ll respond to everyone when I can!


I’m happy to take a look. I’ve been curious about subharmonics ever since seeing the subharmonicon, but haven’t investigated much.

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Sent you a DM with a link to the builds!

I must say that your graphics looking amazingly beautiful, the first plugin with the realistic touch, and that’s so nice addition to rack! in my opinion graphics are important just like the software. i’ll be happy to run your builds:)

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I’m in! The build looks nice!

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I would also test it with pleasure

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I’m interested in testing :slight_smile:

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If you still need testers I’d be happy to have a look. Looking great so far.

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the modules look great!

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These look very good - I look forward to trying them out

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Looks great, I’d love to giver a whirl.

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Hi everyone, Wow, I didn’t expect to get so many messages!

I’m in the process of replying to everyone, but my daily posts are limited so it might take a while.

For now, I’m going to close this to new people while I review the feedback I’ve gotten.

Take care everyone and thanks to everyone who has offered their support!


It looks very interesting, I would be happy to test it.

I’d love to test it!

Whatever happened to this? Is it still under development? Can’t find it on github…

Hi! Module development is done, I’m just taking a long time to finish writing the manual and get the website up :slight_smile:

Hoping to get it in the library by the end of the month, or early next month.