Submit your preset for MOAR COWBELL!

Hopefully soon I will be submitting a new plugin version to the library that makes preset loading in the MOAR COWBELL module automatically clear the buffers to prevent unwanted feedback when changing presets.

Since the module has had positive feedback and this update will be focused on the presets, I would like to include some new presets from the community.

If you would like to have a preset for the MOAR COWBELL! module considered, please reply in this thread with your preset.

Including a demo vid or audio sample would be nice too… (but not required).

:cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2: :cow2:

:bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell:

Once I have the update coded I’ll add a deadline, but for now just assume a couple of weeks.


Here is my Moar Cowbell preset submission. I like it for a tiny triangle sound too.

Moar Cowbell Tiny Triangle video

the setting are basically…

Primary Frequency at full up 3951.1hz

Osc Spread can be anywhere from all the way down to as much as you like in the video I sweep it from about 28hz down to Ohz

Ring about 2.8 seconds

Filter Freq 2330hz or so

Filter Width about 880hz or so

Distortion 35%

Metal Spread 1433hz

Gain 20db

Tiny Triangle.vcvm (690 Bytes)

Ha ha! I love it, very amusing beat there.

I also like how the ring is a little longer, if you increase the frequency of the hits the clipping on the tail gives it a nice click sound along with the triangle bell sound.

Thanks, that’s one new preset, a success in my book…

There will be many variations on this I’m sure, but here’s a ding from a Meditation Bowl. Leave a long gap between triggers. A nice long reverb adds length to the tailoff.

Meditation Bowl.vcvm (650 Bytes)

[EDIT] added sound file

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Nice, the primary frequency is fairly stable with this preset, so you might actually be able to create a melody with it.

Also, perhaps not in keeping with the meditation theme, but some modulation on the oscillator spread can give the sound a lovely warble…

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I believe the update is ready, so if you want to try it out, you can find it here DanTModules v2.4.30 - MOAR COWBELL! Auto-panic · Miff-Real/DanTModules-Manual · Discussion #18 · GitHub

Using the module in this test release you should see the Panic button is automatically activated when a preset loads.

If this test build is ok then I’ll leave the submissions open for another week before submitting it to the library (obviously if there are preset submissions posted after that I will still consider them, but I don’t know when the next release will be that could include them).


I’ve made a patch with two cowbells and just slightly different presets for them,

you can try the patch ( the presets are in the zip too): (23.1 KB)

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Excellent, I’m going with the second one because I feel like it has a bit more character, it is almost dissonant but then after awhile it becomes pleasing to the ear, thanks

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I’ll aim to submit the new plugin version at the end of the week, so if you want a preset included, be sure to post it up this week

Here is a little patch for a generative rhythm, it makes creating and testing new presets a bit more bearable than a simple monotonous beat…

MoarCowbellRhythmTester.vcv (3.9 KB)

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Update to the patch, I found that the trigger button would not activate manually because the Bogaudio module outputs negative zero, so that is corrected by half rectification, and I added the Scope module to give a little bit of visual help with the Cowbell output…

MoarCowbellRhythmTester2.vcv (4.2 KB)

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Holy Cow!

A preset for turning this cowbell into a church bell.
MoarCowbell-HolyCow!.vcvm (650 Bytes)

There’s a wealth of information available on the dynamics of church bells ringing. It all went over my head. So I played it by ear to find something I liked.

In the example rack, rather than patching note CV into the Primary Frequency Input, I patched it into the Oscillators Spread Input. When the note changes there’s an interesting slewing effect as the bell is struck. Not sure what’s causing it but it didn’t matter because I like the effect. I patched each bell through a VCA with a soft attack on the envelope to simulate the diffused sound of a church bell heard over a distance. Of course reverb and delay help too. But the raw sound is good by itself. If you’re tempted to twiddle the filter frequency knob, best to lower the volume before trying it.


Patch storage link


I’m well on the way to making a railway crossing warning bell (as heard from on board the passing train), with a slew-limited frequency shift for the doppler effect, and synchronized to a ramp up/ramp down envelope for the VCA. It will be handy for a sound effect in a play next spring.

The new version (v2.4.31) hit the library on Wednesday, so any preset submissions from now on will be considered for future versions of the plugin (whenever that might be).

Well, is it possible to save our own presets in the MOAR preset folder?

Of course, set the module parameters to what you want, right click it, and select Preset > Save as

This will create your preset file in the local Rack2 directory (on windows this will be in your user/documents by default) under presets > plugin name > module name and the preset will appear in the User presets section of the right click menu

If you want your preset to be in the VCV Community section, then you will need to attach your preset file to a reply in this thread so that I can test it out, and then if its ok add it in a future version of the plugin when I update it next.

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