Submarine: Any news about modules in v1?

I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s going to make it to version 1.

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Yes. Being worked on at the moment.


Sorry. I’m working on it, but my real job doesn’t leave me as much time as I used to have.


Thank you so much David! Take your time, no stress. You make a lot of cool glue modules that make the magic possible. Big fan here! :slight_smile:

same here, looking forward to see these getting ported :pray:t4::+1:t4:

edit: Oh fantastic i see just now that your plugin has arrived in the pm!



Yes, I just got them here too! yippy :slight_smile:

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Logic analyser is great resource, nice to have it back! :yellow_heart:


Thank you David! You’re the best! :beers:

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You’re most welcome. I’m sorry it took so long. I’m planning to get the wire manager available next, but I might put it into this plugin and abandon the utilities plugin as a separate thing.


The submarine SS-220 and the SS-212 modules do not work any more in V1.
While in v.62c you got the right voltages, the V1 version gives mostly out a 0.0 V signal at the output ports.
MAC OSX 10.13.6

Also on Windows 7


Bug opened.

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Posted 1 more issue and a lack of knowledge on my part on github :grinning:

Greetings Peter

I’ve found the problem. Hopefully get a fix out to the plugin manager within a day.

Its a bit disappointing. The SS-2 modules were design to be as efficient as possible. They set the voltages at startup and did no processing beyond that.

Unfortunately v1 now resets the voltage to 0 on disconnected ports, so I now have to re-apply the voltages for each sample. :cry:


Are the utilities also coming to v1? I miss the wire manager :pray:

The wire manager IS coming. I don’t know about the module browser.


Here’s the post announcing the wire manager, now named SubmarineFree WM-101 WireManager :

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