Subharmonicon patch 5.1; any help for getting a sound out of it

hello rackheads, i want to use the subharmonicon patch 5.1 from venom or david benham to play with, but unfortunately i do not understand how and where starting sound generation. reading the manual from moog does not help for me, unfortunately… any ideas to play with? seems interesting. best wishes Karl

I don’t know if you are interested in the special patch by David Benham or in the play with the Subharmonicon itself. If the second is the case, you can have a look at my Subharmonicon patch with a PatchMaster controller.

All you have to do is press the “Run” button on the top left of the PatchMaster and it will make music and you can get started. However, you will need the Substation modules from Slime Child Audio (currently $10 in the Black Friday sale)

yes i mean the patch from David Benham. Thank you for the info, but i do not use the substation modules. Regards Karl

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a link to understand what you are looking for would be appreciated,I know what the subharmonicon is but I don’t know what “patch 5.1 from venom or david benham” is

I responded to the original post in my music thread

@ale47p - He is referring to this:

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Thank you, yes that is the patch. I read the notes inside the patch, but i struggle with fundamentals🤔. Right now it is clear to me, that i should use the patchbay. But

  1. how could i change pitch of the sequencer steps?
  2. where could i see the individual steps? Also length.

…some more, but i try to explore further on. Cheers Karl