Stuttering/freezing vocal samples in Rack

Hello there again, more crazy ideas! Is it possible to stutter/freeze vocal samples in rack. Any modules that will do that or combination of them?

I was in Whitby UK last weekend for the Levitation 23 Castes in Space Fest [Anyone on here attended that?] and Loula Yorke froze /stuttered some vocals in Hardware possibly by the Make Noise Mimeophon.

Any ideas are welcome. Much appreciated.

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Grayscale Supercell (an expanded Clouds) is good for that.

Load a vocal sample into the example patch, press the keyboard to freeze and then mess around with the Position and Size parameters (all of which can be controlled by CV).

freezer.vcv (1.6 KB)

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Thank you for the example and explanation, thought you might know such things. The Kotos wet and cold yet?

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Yes, it’s their favourite time of year.

It is mine, when it’s not peeing it down! A good cold autumn day is a joy! Kotos dancing frolicking in the mud?

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It may not be the one you’re looking for but it’s definitely fun: 3HR GLTCH3HR

Demo Gltch3hr.vcvs (3.0 KB)


Tourette is fun.

… i don’t know it’s current status, if it compiles to run on vcv 2.4.1 etc.

Thanks for the Tourette suggestion, is there a windows plugin for that?

I’ve sent a message, you can try my binary. Then I’ll submit a proposed change request to “WrongPeople”.

I only had to change one bit in to build it. (change -march=nocona to -march=nehalem and put it inside the WIN conditinal)

found Omri’s video on “wrong people” and thought it would be nice to have linked here:

Love the antN module any more radio stations available-should be tons of them but where are they?

There’s also web based shortwave. Sorry, “software defined radio” (SDR) I meant. This is a good one:

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For stutter I’d use Simpliciter or one of the other Nysthi samplers, and experiment with a fairly fast clock into the record/playback triggers. For freeze there’s obviously Clouds, but I think Prince of Perception is even better! Here’s a dodgy tutorial on how you can make timestretch effects, it also does stutter with longer delay times. Sorry to spam this if you’ve already seen it :smile:

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It’s not easy to find good streams (and their URLs for PLS files). But a good starting point can be

oh, I have a radio garden app. For some reason it stopped updating at some point maybe a year ago, but it still works. So yeah, radio garden is nice. It’s really cool to search for some weird stations on some island in the Pacific Ocean or something, haha

Radio garden now only does UK station-bloody Brexit maybe!

Pardon me? You can easily tune in other stations.

But to dig out the link for the antN is more challenging. Usually you need to visit the website of the radio station and look for some kind of direct link.

Unfortunately this is what I get, Thanks for looking for these stations. Much appreciated.

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Oh, wow. :open_mouth:

Also builds for Mac arm64 if you take out the -march=nocona in

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Oh wow. Well, welcome to vpn-land