Stupid Squinktronix Harmony Trick

First I thought “Melody generates 4 notes, which I can send to 4 other Harmony Module to get 16 pitches out of it!”

I can hear @Squinky muttering “that’s not how this works. That’s not how ANY of this works!”

Then I thought “I can delay the CV/Gate for each voice so the 16 chord notes are arpeggiated!”

This patch includes VCV Pro modules and the RackWindows Console plugin. I think they can be replaced, and you might have to hook the main outs directly to the recorder and audio device.

2024-03-13.vcv (1.9 MB)


It works OK for me. I had to replace the Harmony modules, and just forget about Airwindows Console. The VCV Pro Convolver is not apparent, not sure what that was doing.

This is the type of thing I love to do. Do something totally unexpected and yet have it work, even if it sounds somewhat like a jazz orchestra tuning up :wink:

Lovely patch. Loving even more the fact you put those harmony things to the left of Eric’s great Probability Note module. Missing Frozen Wasteland!

Lovely patch. Loving even more the fact you put those harmony things to the left of Eric’s great Probability Note module. Missing Frozen Wasteland!

The quantizer after the harmony modules constrains all the 16 generated notes to a common scale. Would be easy to bypass to hear what it sounds like.

hey, we know it’s easy to make harmony sounds like a mediocre organist - takes a little creativity to get whacky! I like it.

why did you need to replace Harmony? is @chaircrusher still using some old test version from before I (oops) changed the slug id?


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Yeah, that one with stripes on it is super early.

Haha. I’ll fix that after I’m done recording with the old version.


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This is the version with the current Harmony.

This is with the old Harmony, but also this version of the patch had some wiring mistakes between the Harmony modules, Signal Delay and Merge.

I like both versions but the first one, made with the current Harmony is a tiny bit less chaotic sounding.

This isn’t a direct comparison between the two Harmony versions. I rewired the whole delay matrix, and tweaked the Harmony settings. I’m more interested in making music than maintaining proper version control.

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for sure! Usually I keep the versions the same while testing (so you don’t get prompted to download the old version), then I bump it up when I release it. Seems like I messed up here.

I had at one point 3 different Harmony versions. They all apparently had different slugs.

One of the problems had nothing to do with you or your software. I’m on Windows, and the drive with my Documents folder shat the bed. So I restored it from a several-months-old backup, and it was like Rack had time traveled to the past.

It updated all the ‘out of date’ plugins but with some beta stuff (like Squinktronix) hanging around it was a mish mash. It might take me a while to clean up that inadvertent time travel.

ah. yes, restore. so fun! I get to be the IT manager here. I have a windows for home and a mac for work. wife has two macs. So much fun for me!

The other fun thing was Native instruments Komplete which completely lost its mind after going through the time machine. And Ableton Live 12… Many, many gigabytes to download!

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