Studio edition New patch stops processing of modules if run standalone

Anyone developing with the Studio Edition be warned.

After hours of debugging I found out the reason my modules were not working was caused by the audio module that is added when you create a new patch in Studio edition. This all works well when used as a vst (i.e. in Ableton in my case) but not when run as standalone.

I will raise an issue with the team if this is by design or if I am doing something wrong. Just wanted to let you all now to make sure you are not having the same problem as me.

There is an issue with the audio module in the VST related to sample rate. There may well be an issue in the SE standalone too but I haven’t been playing with that as much.

Everything in my chain is running at 48kHz - Interface, DAW, Rack Engine and Audio module. I can have a very simple patch in the VST running fine (at 48kHz), save it as my Rack template, add another VST instance that will open that template, and it (the audio module) will open at 44.1kHz, even though it says it is at 48. It gets fixed by initialising the audio module (which will make it actually 48kHz again).

Something behind the scenes in the audio module is using the incorrect sample rate. It could even be that 44.1 and 48 are swapped round somewhere in the code as I have seen some info which suggests people working at 44.1 are having some issues that might be related - as in their audio module might actually be running at 48 even though it says 44.1, but not 100% certain of that.

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What’s the issue?

Lots of reports of things playing at wrong sample rates (44.1 vs 48)

I can only speak of V1. It seems the clockd modules run at a different speed than say for example setting it to 120bpm is not really 120 but much slower.