Studio Brootle Patches

Thought I’d share all of my vcv rack patches here. You can download them all at… VCV Rack Patches Archives - Studio Brootle

Here’s the first one… Slow (115 BPM) Dub Techno…


you should replace sangster in the patch as it is not working in VCV2 atm

hopefully Patrick will release an update of the Lindenberg modules soon.

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thanks, that’s a shame, I love that. I really need to update tbh though! You got a recommendation for a good replacement?

I used Flux from Hora, but I’m not sure about the settings.

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Here’s another patch. You can get it here VCV Rack Patch - Techno Hot Sinewave Sequence - Studio Brootle

The Bog Audio modules are brilliant for this :slight_smile: