Student discount

Hi guys, been using vcv for the last 2/3 years during college. Been anticipating it finally being usable a vst. Does anyone know if there is any sort of student discount available. Sent vcv an email but awaiting a reply. Obviously 150£ is steep for a uni student


pretty sure there is no student option available but fortunately the non vst version is free.

And the VST version, while useful, isn’t essential. I bought the Rack2 Pro version and still mostly use it standalone, because for me personally, the compositional tools of a DAW feel less intuitive and fluid by comparison. You may not feel that way but if you can’t afford the Pro version give the standalone a chance. Or cut back on eating out for a few weeks and buy it.

I don’t know you so I’m not casting aspersions but I was a poor student too, and if you think hard about how you spend your money, and you may be surprised how quickly you can save 150£. A Nando’s with sides is 13£!


this is still an alternative, though not a replacement GitHub - DISTRHO/Cardinal: Virtual modular synthesizer plugin

those nados with sides sees great

also you could connect your favorite DAW to the Rack free, Via Jack on Linux, I personally find that workflow better than the vst

reaper and re-route works nicely, I hear.

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Yep - that is what I use, even after buying the VCV Pro.

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Same here, but as I am on Mac, I use an aggregated sound device consisting of my focusrite hardware and blackhole for internal audio-routing. Afaik Reaper Rewire is Windows only (maybe Linux?). It works like a charm for me and I hardly ever try time-syncing Reaper and VCV as Reaper is often just a recorder and monitor-mixer and host for other VSTs. Cheers, dDom

By “other VSTs” I assume you mean effects plugins. If you were using instrument VST plugins than I suspect you would want to sync VCV with Reaper.

Did you mean ReaRoute? Think it’s Windows only.

but that’s what most VCV users use.

I’ve no idea, was just agreeing with what they were saying about the Reaper ReaRoute functionality. FWIW I don’t use a Mac.

:slight_smile: Yeah, I did.

… I was talking about the Mac-option, because the thread-opener might still be around and we don‘t know about his system.

Cheers, dDom

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Jack is also available for mac

jack allow offline render, I think it is not possible using ReaRoute.

Blackhole virtual audio driver works perfectly on this here Mac

Both, actually… As I said, I use Reaper as a mixer for VCV, and so I have channel-strip-like VSTs running per channel and possibly some Aux-sends for verb/delay. But I also often use VCV just for sequencing and have Reaper-tracks filled with VST-Synth or -drum-stuff (or Hardware-synths running along) and send individual Midi and CC from (standalone) VCV … There is no real need for having Reaper in sync, as it is just producing sound on and per Midi-command (and recording Midi/CC or the resulting audio) or monitoring and recording what‘s on the hardware-IO… In every case the tracks are in time with each other and play back like I hear them live, whether they are on grid or not… Sometimes I do move everything to grid manually after recording, sometimes I record stuff that isn‘t following a fixed bpm at all. I don‘t know if this answers your question. (?) I am happy to go into detail if not…,

Cheers, dDom

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Thanks! I get it now. Each Reaper track with ReaRoute is effectively functioning as a VCV Host and/or Host-FX, except each track can have an arbitrarily complex chain of plugins. I suppose you could sequence a Reaper track from VCV, and then send the output back into VCV for further processing.

I can see how that could be very powerful.

Yes, been doing that myself using all the Turing machines and sequencers and randomisation, logic etc in VCV, creating MIDI sent to a Reaper track which I send on to a module named Mutant Brain (can output 4 midi notes pitch and gates) in my modular through hardware oscillators, filters and vca then pipe the output back as audio with an Expert Sleepers module into Reaper into VCV Rack to apply Clouds etc. I used to use the ReaRoute method, but l like the pro plugin as it’s a lot less faff and way more stable I find.

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