stuck in a loop trying to get it to run on M1 Mac

I don’t know what to do here.

Rack is installed at 2.0.6.

I open it, log in and it invites me to update my library. (I previously used rack 1 on my old MacBook and these appear to be a list of the modules I had downloaded there) Certainly, if I DONT update, when I browse for modules, all I see are those from VCV. Nothing from my previous list.

If I update, it then says I need to quit and restart, but when I do so I’m back to square one, with only the VCV modules and nothing else. And it’s still asking me to update when I log in.

Can anyone help with the steps I need to take?


one more thing which may have a bearing on my issue - whenever I open the app, the first thing that appears is a splash screen saying:

could not load system template patch, clearing rack: Unarchiver could not write file to dir:could not unlink

It sounds like you need to give VCV permission to write files where it wants to. Presumably in your protected documents folder?

And you are on macOS? It sounds like your Rack2/plugins directory is read-only for some reason. You haven’t by chance installed any “anti-virus” software on your Mac, have you? Never do that.