Hello, when I try to download the module “STS Oddy” then Git Hub reports me: This repository is empty.

Can I download this module elsewhere?

Not sure why gh says that. The repo is there.

But if you are registered with the vcv library, then vcv-rack can download this for you via the plugin manager.

Is he/she still active ?

EDIT: all stupid questions, He (Don) is still active but not with STS.

I was looking here…

I have been trying to make sense of the Poly Oddy (complete novice at this). I managed to hook it up to a keyboard and I got some sounds out of it. The problem is, it makes different sounds when the same key is pressed. I have initialised it so the settings are standard but it still does it.

I checked out the vid from @Omri_Cohen STS Odyssey - VCV Rack Tutorial - YouTube which is a previous version, not available now. I also found and rebuilt this patch which features the new version;

I replaced the Merge/8Vert/8Vert input with a constant voltage source and it still gives different notes every time I press a key.

Is this module bugged or am I betraying my incompetence (again)? Has anyone had any luck with this module?

For me just trying to connect the v/oct makes it close rack :

Windows 10

here it crashes Win 10 too.

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me to close rack as soon as I connect V/Oct input