Struggling with components positioning

Hello everyone, first post here and already in trouble :frowning: I’m planning to develop a module, I followed every steps in the tutorial, everything was well explained and work as expected. I’m focusing now on the panel design with Inkscape. I’ve made a new Document with required measures in mm (height: 128.5mm, width: n*5.08mm) added the components layer and when I positioning random circle (with correct colors) it works and it positioned correctly, but when I’m trying to copy/paste components from Fundamental modules or create layout composition with center and radial offset positioning is never at the right place.

Is there a trick I missed from the documentation? Sorry if it’s a duplicate question but I can’t find any topic mentioning it.

thanks for all

are you copy pasting from modules that use pixels instead of mm? that would do it.

fwiw I do everything with pixels, and I position by upper left, since that’s what my screen design program does.

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Indeed! The builded svg are not in the same scale than the development version. I’ve redone everything by my own and everything work like a charm. thanks for the answer

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Hi Alex,

I don’t know if this will help, but check this out. I had trouble with Inkscape too, but figured out how to set the ratio of mm to px in Inkscape, and it helped considerably: