[Strippin’ Through Time] Day 4: Poly hold pedal (Utility) - free strips from free modules

Day 4: Poly hold pedal (Utility)

Hello everyone! I love to make strips of Rack modules that are useful as modular bits to quickly throw together functional patches. It seems I like to make these strips more than actual full patches, so I’ve decided to clean up and release a new strip from my collection every day until… who knows!

Today’s is another simple one, but very useful if your MIDI keyboard has no sustain pedal. It functions exactly how you would expect, every gate on each channel is kept high while the pedal is down, and they all go low after you release. The labeling could be a little confusing so here’s the ins/outs: Your gates go anywhere into the first Sum, the held gates come out of the second Sum, and the hold input goes into the IN on Roly Pouter. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next poly voice that’s featured in the demo video!

Poly hold pedal

  • Type: Utility
  • Polyphony: Yep!
  • Audio: N/A

[UTIL] Poly hold pedal (poly).vcvss (3.3 KB)

Demo video available on VCV Rack Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vcvrack/permalink/503435596983256/

Required (free) plugins:

If you use one of my strips in your patch give me a shoutout! Also I’m always looking to make the most CPU efficient strips so if you have ideas for improvements in that area I’d love to hear it.

License: Do whatevertheheck you want, I reserve the right to call you bad names if you maliciously steal credit for my work.

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