strangebuttrue's synthesis sandbox

And as if that weren’t enough, here’s another album of highlights from the Surreptitious stream - all Rack all the time -


(i’m quite proud of this and i hope you like it)

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Spent some time this morning drinking very strong coffee and squinting at the INFINITE MELODY documentation, and after a while, I had built a machine to generate not-quite-repeating sequences of chords


notable: no sequencers in this whatsoever

It’s really nice I have to say. Liking it!

Well, then there’s just time to submit it here: :slight_smile:

Don’t know why I haven’t listened to your music before but it’s right up my street, keep going.

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I feel like it’d be cheating, since I almost never use a sequencer at all. I find them a little dull because they can’t surprise me. THANKS for listening!

That’s why several of us have an ongoing informal challenge on all the ways to adding interesting (and surprising but musically pleasing) variations or mutations to the sequences.


It’s silly of me to say it, too, because of course there’s a million little nifty tricks you can do with a sequencer to make them unpredictable

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