Straight out of the box (12 Digitakt Beats)

Great Friday Y’all! Back to the basics, beatmaking & looping, enjoy these small pieces!

Beat 01

Beat 02

Beat 03

Beat 04

Beat 05

Beat 06

Beat 07

Beat 08

Beat 09

Beat 10

Beat 11

Beat 12

More coming soon! :wink:

I love the Digitakt!



man you are talented.

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Really great! A very good use of the Digitackt :slight_smile:
(I’m really in love with the 3rd one)
I’d love a groovebox one day to sample some VCV sounds and work away from the computer a bit ^^

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Really appreciate the kind words. More to come for sure, I do wish I had 3 hands so I could tweak more while recording. I do ordered a camera stand so it should be fine soon. Yeah, these are a variety of chopped samples and breaks, even got a bunch of VCV rack samples in there… specially from that Back Wavetable OSC.

David, next goal this weekend is to finally setup Rack and Renoise with Jack… @David

Just gotta go out to the :honeybee: - some honey to be made… honey beeats…


Beat 13

can’t stop… my digitakt just dropped this… :wink: