Stöfbug Squares

OK, so here’s the first Stöfbug Square. One of the advantages of using VCV Rack is the endless amount of modules you can use, something that would not be possible in a real rack. But sometimes it is better to work with a few restrictions, so you need to come up with creative solutions to get results. Therefore I created a square rack area in VCV Rack in which I will start creating experimental patches, called Stöfbug Squares. This first patch uses only BogAudio modules. Not in the patch area is a 4-channel mixer with a reverb send, to give the patches some volume where needed. But for the rest it is all in this square area. Enjoy!


Yeah, nice! And welcome :slight_smile:

In this Stöfbug Square I wanted to create a minimal acid patch emulating the sound of the old drum and bass synths of the 90s, like the TB-303 and TR-606. Autinn’s Bass module takes up a big part of the patch, but it is the perfect module for creating this specific acid bass sound.


I think you should remove the reverb and concentrate on the filter and “distortion”

I don’t say that I have reason

But Omri says Reverb Is Life! :slight_smile:

But seriously, thanks for the feedback. I know I might not have the acid vibe spot on, I mainly use these little square patches to experiment and learn about modular synthesis and creating music in general. I’m a total noob with regards to making music, so I might screw up sometimes.


Listen to the RAW sound before…Reverb is not RAW at all

I think it’s great as is, it sounds really good. Remember there are no rules in art, so you can’t screw up. :smiley:


For this patch I wanted to use Audible Instruments modules only! There’s some great modules in the set, but using them without any other brands was still a challenge. But that’s what these square patches are for. To experiment and learn how certain modules and techniques can be used. This patch reminds me a bit of the instrumental track All Saints by David Bowie.


I was aiming for some Blade Runner vibes in this Stöfbug Square. Two competing oscillators going over each other and being distorted through Audible Instruments’ texture synthesizers. Nothing complicated, but I love the sound of it :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of the digital sequencer module by VoxGlitch for VCV Rack. It’s such a multifunctional module and I really dig how you can simply draw on it, it’s a handy feature for live jams. In this patch I use a single module as a trigger sequencer, a CV sequencer and modulation sequencer at the same time.


Happy Easter. Here’s another Stöfbug Square for your entertainment. This time a sequence created by two sequencers, one running the arpeggio and the other the semitone offset to create the variation in the played arps. And underneath a texture is created by the Bleak oscillator going through a filter and the texture synthesizer. Enjoy!