stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

Hey @stoermelder

Don’t know if you have started to look into V2 yet, but I was having a dream last night about using Rack V2 and the awesome room brightness feature when it occurred to me that it would be so amazing if there was a module that could CV control the room brightness… the next logical thought that occurred to me was, that sounds like a job for super stoermelder! just putting it out there :blush:


an amazing idea :+1:

If that’s not cause rack v2 crashing,you can do that with current version of modular fungi lights-off module… nmap from @stoermelder (click on the light off module)

Why don’t you make one?

Sounds more like the sort of thing the Frank Buss Shaker module would do.

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As some of you may have noticed I’ve gone radio silent during the last few weeks. There are some reasons, the main one is I’m focusing on building hardware modules at the moment (just for my own use) and I’m not following Rack as much I used to.

I know a few people are waiting for PackOne on Rack 2. There will be a release at some point but I’m in no hurry and development isn’t my highest priority at the moment. I’ll make no promises but I think a release at the end of December should be realistic.
In the meantime I updated my automatic build pipeline for Rack 2’s SDK, so everyone can try out the latest code without the need of building it yourself.
Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone (


That would be a great Christmas present! But I will survive if it takes longer.

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@stoermelder, welcome back! Excited to hear about your new endeavours, and thanks for updating the pipeline. Not to put any pressure on you, but I think saying “a few people are waiting” is an understatement :stuck_out_tongue: as PackOne, due to its awesomeness, has become revered and essential to a large chunk of Rack users! But please take all the time you need. It’ll be a happy day when it reaches the Library, whenever that is.

OT edit: Good & Evil looks raaaaaaaaather intriguing. Are you hand-soldering in the SMD parts?!


Hey ho! Thx for the info! And, yes of course: take all the time you need; I‘ll be very happy to download and use it, when it is ready. :slight_smile: Do you mind telling us, what kind of hardware modules you are building right now?

Cheers, dDom

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I like the 3D-printed module casing. Your design?

Oh and: Take your time, have fun building something for yourself. There is so much to discover in VCV2, that I can wait for your modules as long as you need :slight_smile:


Yes, hand-soldering all 0603 parts :+1: Pretty fun and surprisingly relaxing after you get some practice :slight_smile:


That’s great. Looking forward to hearing more about your hardware adventures.

Yes, I designed the panel myself, it is a remix of Music Things’ Vactrol Mix expander for their Turing Machine.



If you haven’t, check out Lightning Wave Audio on Instagram some time; he does pedals/handheld devices, not modular stuff as far as I know, but he’s done some really goofy things with SMD recently that you might get a kick out of.

I ordered a big bunch of ST Modular panel/PCB sets lately and I started soldering the first parts of Oberhausen last weekend.
I’m progressing slowly as some parts are hard to source in these times…


Thanks for the update Ben!

Nice… !

Have fun!

I am grateful for this update and not trying to rush Ben, who has given me lots of great tools for free, and i wonder if anyone can give me idiot-proof instructions for how to turn this link into (possibly nonfunctional) modules I can put in my V2 patches? THANKS FRIENDS

It is explained in Rack’s manual, I missed to add the link which I usually do. Pretty easy, just place the file for your platform in your plugins-folder.
VCV Manual - Installing & Running (

Edit: I notice the manual has not been updated yet, but the instructions are essentially the same, except the folder is called “Rack2” now and the file extension is “vcvplugin”.


Much appreciated, and thanks for all the cool tools!