Stoermelder TRANSIT - new module for morphing between presets and making smooth arrangement

The module is still in beta. Ben has been added some new cool features that I didn’t mentioned in the video. You can get the module here

Nice ! I built it from the repo, looking forward to testing it this afternoon. Thanks for the intro, Artem ! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Dave! Finally the nice tool to make album with!

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Amazing video Artem! The module is still in development but you got all features right, without any manual… just amazing…


I’m spying on you v1-dev pretty much and then thinking that “people should know”) But most of the people still waiting for new modules in VCV Library and I don’t know why, but anyway they are already know) About manuals - your concepts are super clear so they’re not a big deal sometimes. Thanks for your modules! Waiting for Flowers! (got a mess when right click on steps)

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Been playing with this for a couple of days, thanks as always for yet another great module.

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this is soooooo gooood

thanks very much :+1:

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It’s Amazing, would be possibile to use a bit more espanders Like 10, i’m tryng to build a liveset based on transit

Thank you very much for all your modules

There is no technical limitation on the number of expanders, I limited it to 3 because of increasing CPU usage for each expander. I will check again which number is feasible.

Thank you so much