Stoermelder STRIP: preset loading not working with Blue Cat's PatchWork as VST host

When I try to load a strip preset, VCV rack reproducibly freezes for me. Randomizing or switching off the strip does work, though.

Attached is a preset example that I saved with strip, but which I cannot load. Can anyone perhaps confirm whether they experience this problem or not with this simple preset? The modules involved are only Teleport Out, Teleport In, and VCV’s VCO.

Could I perhaps be missing here something?

Thanks a lot!

I tried this on Win 10 with VCV Pro 2.2.3 and stoermelder 2.0.beta3 (according to Documents\Rack2\plugins\Stoermelder-P1\plugin.json)

Osc1_VCV_1.vcvss (1.9 KB)

It loads here fine, do you have Load and replace turned on ? If so turn it off (deselect) Rack closes sometimes for me too when I have it turned on.

Wow, thanks a lot for this very quick reaction and your confirmation that things work for you. That helps!

do you have Load and replace turned on

Yes, indeed.

I did some more testing. The strip preset loading does work with the VCV rack standalone version. It also works with the VST 2 plugin in Reaper.

However, with the VST 2 (and 3) plugin loaded into Blue Cat’s PatchWork (Blue Cat's PatchWork - Fully Configurable Plug-Ins Chainer and Multi FX / Standalone Host or Plug-In, my default host for multiple reasons) strip preset loading does not work. VCV does work in principle with that host, but not the strip module it seems.


Thanks again for your feedback, which helped narrowing down the problem.

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