Stoermelder Midi Cat Feedback to Launch Control XL

I do not get the midi feedback right for buttons in vcv.

Tried with CC and Notes. I guess midi cat is sending something else back to the Launch Control XL.

The button just lights up as I press buttons by mouse but it does not reflect the actual setup of On/Off states…

Any Ideas?

Which module are you mapping? Many modules have buttons which are toggled and not „switched“ so they don’t reflect the current state.

Thanks. I tried to map the mute buttons of SEQ3.

I’m sorry, those buttons won’t work. You can check it yourself: If you enable “Parameter tooltips” in the View-menu you will notice that the mute buttons have value “1” while pressed but return to “0” after released. The value of the parameter does not represent the state of the button. In this case MIDI-CAT can’t send proper feedback.


Allright. Good to know. Thats the behaviour I watched… Great device and glad it works at switched buttons.

Perhaps I will try another sequencer or a workaround with switches.

Hello, I just started using my new Launch Control XL, I mapped the mute switches of mindmeld mixmaster jr with MIDI-CAT and the buttons’ leds in the launch control worked just fine, after I selected it in the middle screen of the MIDI-CAT. Then when I reopened the patch and connected the launch control it worked as intended but I got no feedback for the leds in it, even if it is selected in the central window of MIDI-CAT.

I’m very new to all of this, but I can’t get to a solution, is anyone willing to help? Thank you!

Hi Carlo, the buttons on the LC XL from Novation are set standard mapped as “Note” and “Momentary”, you can change this using Novation Components. Set the buttons from “Note” to “CC” and “Momentary” to “Toggle”. Make sure you “Save” the template to a “User Bank”, for example “User Bank 1”.

Hope this helps

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