Stoermelder for Rack 2?

I’m trying the betas right now and wow: transit. Holy crap. Game changer. I would definitely pay money for just this module alone (though I’m also loving making labels with ‘glue’!)

Thank you for working on these!

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Can’t wait!!

I’m still away from VCV land for a little while. But congrats, glad to read your plugin is now fully back in the library! :partying_face:

It isn’t yet, it is?

Sorry, should have written “will be in…” :wink:


Does/will this include whatever module handles virtual cable patching ala Midilar’s new toy? I appear to have missed the thread where that all began…

EDIT: have now found the thread where that all began - T7 from vcvrack-packtau - am off to play!

well finally this happy day has come. Stoermelder Pack One officially in the library for Rack 2





Using 8Face to create different snapshots/presets of the new patchmaster modules which in turn control the entire patch will be my pleasure task for the weekend!


Yeah 8FaceMk2 combined with PatchMaster is a very powerful combo!

And Ben’s new S++ module which imports multi-row Rack Selections with midi mapping intact (which for some reason Rack does NOT do), makes it possible to build then import and reuse your PatchMaster constructs with 8Face preset control in other patches.

Another one of Ben’s modules that works great with PatchMaster is Strip - it can also save/import with midi mapping intact but only if everything is on one row of course. But Strips ability to randomise multiple modules in a Strip with one click (while excluding any controls you don’t want to be randomised) is a great addition to PatchMaster - try it with Omri’s DFAM interface for example.


YESSS!!! Happy days!

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The STRIP/8FACE/TRANSIT combo is my to-go-to flow in VCV. Experiment away with the randomization and make a snapshot when you’re satisfied.



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Where do I find this “patch master” module

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