Stoermelder ARENA: Preview

Yeah, I picked up this idea several years ago when I first been using Lemur

Arena is really interesting and can produce pretty noises :wink:

although it might not be the intended use :wink:

see this Strip preset (just plug the Tangents out into a mixer ), where Caudal ,odulates Arena, then through Tangents modulated by 8LFO, when you play a bit with the Tangents and 8LFO settings there are some nature sounds possible.

! please rename the file to: Aren…02.vcvss I couldn’t upload it in this format. !

Arena_Whitey_Nature_02.vcv (27.8 KB)

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Have you checked out JW Modules: Bouncy Balls?

Jupp, already used it :blush:

Ok, this is just crazy :upside_down_face:

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For each of the mix-ports in ARENA you can draw up to 16 motion sequences (besides controlling x and y by CV) that can be addressed using SEQ and driven by PHASE. I also added some parameterized presets :smiley:


I look at the picture a few minutes… is it supposed to move ?

The picture? Yes, it’s an animated gif, about 30 seconds long?

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I thought so, does it move in your browser ? I’m on FF and it sometimes FFup. EDIT Reloaded and here it goes love the tornado. Was already using the record function and loved looking at it. But these presets are cool. :+1:

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