Stoermelder 8Face: controlling 8Face controlling module

I spent a little time verifying that it works – after consultation with @stoermelder – and you can in fact control an instance of 8Face with another 8Face. This tiny patch shows two 8Faces controlling a Specific Value module, so it’s easy to see that it’s working.
8facecheck.vcv (92.8 KB)

  1. It may not behave exactly the way you might expect, exactly. If #2 8Face changes the preset on #1 8Face, the module controlled by #1 8Face won’t change patches until you select a new preset in #1 8Face.
  2. If #2 8Face saves 8 presets on #1 8Face means there are 64 presets stored in #2 8Face. Add #3 8Face you’re saving 512 presets. Add #4 8Face and you’re saving 4096 presets.

Pretty soon your patch files balloon and it will take a long time to load them.


Is this the best way to have more than 16 presets with 8face? The first way I thought of was using 2 different 8facex2s with a sequential switch but this may be better…

8FACE mk2 will allow expanders for more slots similar how TRANSIT works. It is included in the latest development build but not fully tested and subject to change until release.


Amazing! Exactly what I need.

That’s going to make some things 1000 times easier. Like using it to control Nysthi sam in such a way that I can have more than 16 lines.

Wow!!! I tried your new 8face MK2 yesterday and i like that it didn’t map parameters like Transit, so I can use a controller to move knobs and save snapshot when i like. With this we can have a workflow similar to a drum machine, when the snapshots of 8 face are Like the patterns and each one contain parameters of sound sources ,sequencers and modulation. Off course i was able to do that With multiple 8faces but now It Is so much better and fun This open many new possibilities Thank you so much!!!

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