Stereo Sound Through Skjack?

Hi everyone, VCV Rack’s official noob here, I may just be dumb, but I was wondering if you could send stereo sound to and from VCV Rack and a jack server using the Skjack plugin. If so, how do you do this? Thanks again everyone, stay safe.

P.S. I can already send mono audio to and from VCV Rack and a jack server using Skjack.

you can send the audio using the audio 8 or audio 16, I usually send all individuals tracks to vcv rack to renoise and mix on renoise, you should configure your receiving ports first (in your case for stereo you will use your hardware output) then, select the jack as driver,and finally select your output (or the port where you will connect)

you should make your jack connections manually using your patchbay

usually in the audio module the output 1 & 2 are L & R , but its is up to you


Thank you, I will try this now. The reason I asked about the Skjack plugin was because it needed no setting up, however if it works this way I have no issue with this and will use your way. Thank you @David for your time, especially in this tough time we are all going through. :grinning:

@David I have tried your way but for some reason it did not work. However, I have found a way to send to stereo quite easily.

Screenshot from 2020-08-17 13-07-41
As you can see, the left audio goes into the first input and the right goes into the second. I have tested this using a stereo pan module and it works.

P.S. did u find this helpful or easier than the way you do it?

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yes,thanks for sharing, I know the Skjack, I not use due it uncertain development, however is great is working for you, to my current pipeline it do not represent any advantage, since you can save your jack configuration as template, I use to save a template with the setup that I usually use and a couple of setup of the patchbay in claudia to load the jack connections (rack solo and renoise+rack)

Ahhh, I see. Thank you for your help and time :grinning: .

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