Stellare Creative Suite Pack: Techno Patch in VCV Rack

So here is my techno patch with new STELLARE Modular - Creative Pack. It available now in VCV Plugin Manager for 25$ for RACK v1.

I should say I got a huge amount of FUN doing this! There are many interesting features - probability, one step mode (really innovative one!), possible to on\off quantizer; CV for glide, swing and so on. You can read some patch notes below but if you want to know more about these modules and how to use it in creative way for improving your patches - just let me know! I would make a real tutorial if I will see your interest

Azular - Semi-Random gate sequencer

SIGMA - Precision adder (octave, interval)

AL14 SeqSwitch spreads modulation for 2 LATERALUS filters

AL41 SeqSwitch chooses from 2 different gates

ANDROMEDA send CV to random particle noise

AZULAR trigger sequencer for side hihats

Delta shuffler for the one of the side hat

NOMLIA makes octave switch sound

Pelisia matrix mixer for RAMPAGE

Quisia delays gate signal and makes another new