Starting and stopping a sample player (sampler)

Hi there !

I’m still learning the basics and the problem of the day is the following : I want to trigger on and off the playback of a sample. I found a solution but there is maybe a better one. Here is the solution I found. Thanks for your suggestions !

If you’re gonna trigger it you can take a look on Flip Flop modules for that or just Manual module from Count Modula connections (contains all forms of square wave data, gate, triggers, holds etc). And instead Flow module in your patch you could just connect Gate output from the midi-cv module to VCA control input, and that is. There were some stereo VCA modules in library or just basic VCA but two of them. Cheers!


Thanks ! That was a fast answer ! As I want to be able to trigger the sample with both manual way and with my midi keyboard is this a good and elegant solution ?

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