Start recording a patch with a button

Hello! i would like to start playing a patch with a hit on a button…is there any module to trigger this? Maybe this could be solved with a sequencer trig, but it would be a waste of funtion…

Found a module called “Button” from Little Utils, that´s the solution

When you use Stoermelder stroke you can define a key to a trigger.

I always start a patch (by starting a clock) with the spacebar.


@DoubleDensity — You mentioned starting a recording in the title.

Count Modula’s FADE is perfect for this, with independent fade up/down times from 0.1 to 10 seconds. The output gate waits until the fade-down is finished before it turns off.


Great! I will have a look into both…there´s s so much of modules…i´m slowly try to build up a toolkit for my uses…

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I use shift-pedal all the time, extremely handy.

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I use AS Triggers Mark I here:

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Two things you can do:

  1. Right-click to “Info/Favorite” individual modules, either in a patch or in the Library view. But that can get to be a lengthy list, so…
  2. Assemble a collection of the modules you are most likely to want to start with, connect some with cables, fiddle with the module settings, and then select “Overwrite template” in the File menu. Every time you open a “New” patch, that one will open, wired up and ready to go. You might want to “Save as…” the original template first.
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