Standard Dub Techno Track

There’s a cliche kind of dub techno track – a minor chord stab, a hypnotic drum beat, loads of bass.

I was listening to Maurizio this morning and was inspired to make a track that was everything cliche about dub techno. This is it! Warning, it has some sub-bass you won’t hear unless you have at least 8" subwoofers :wink:

Patch file:


Hi, nice sounds
what are those “stereo-chrordly-delayed-fx” things? I have heard them in dub techno so many times before but did not care what they are))) pitched delays or smth?

That’s just a delay with a modulated delay time.

very nice, good to have as an example for a Dub Techno track in VCV. Is the whole composition reproducible with the patch, or did you record and then edit to make the final composition?

Whole track is in the edits or ovedubs

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nothing bad about some ‘standard’ dub techno to me :wink: well done! i like it, only thing to me is that the bassdrum has too much decay but that’s just a matter of taste