Stand alone software sequencer & sampler

Hello all

My Acer burned last week and is currenty sent back to check if it is still in warranty.

I now only have access to an old Acer (i3, 8GB RAM) and was wondering if anyone was aware of lightweight, stand-alone sequencing and sampling software (or super-efficient DAW?)? All I want to do is load some drum kits and try to make some grooves.

I have tried to install VCV, which was working until I logged in and it started downloading libraries :frowning:


I believe most DAWs are pretty light. I ran Reason 9 (very graphic interface for a daw) on an old MacBook air 2015 with 8GB ram. Not sure how your computer stacks against that, however. I know many really like Reaper, which is open source and free to try indefinitely, and I believe that that is pretty “light” though I’ve not used it and may be wrong about that. Good luck.

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You could try Sunvox ! It runs on literally anything (even old PalmOS stuff that i’m way too young to know anything about XD ) .

It’s a Tracker sequencer, but with a sort of modular twist too. It’s pretty fun even with no prior experience of trackers :slight_smile: . A few years back, i had a really bad PC i took with me to university, and it was one of the only things i could run on it. I had a lot of fun with it.


I don’t understand the issue. Of course when you logged in it started downloading all the modules you subscribed to. Did something bad happen then?

The computer stopped working. RAM, CPU and Disk where close to the maximum (after Rack requested the restart after updating /installing libraries).

Oh, yes, I understand now.

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I’m thinking, LMMS would fit that description

add: after default install, demo projects are in “C:\Program Files\LMMS\data\projects\demos”


Caustic 3 is fun, free and lightweight too


@steven.vandorpe - i think if you lower the framerate (should be noted somewhere in the faq) and worst case the sampling rate in the settings-v1.json file to 32 or 22.05khz then even vcvrack should run well on that machine …

good luck - hexdump

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sunvox , it literally run in the most old (and newest ) hardware and OS in the world and is quite awesome

also Renoise is my fav Daw software and is pretty light weight, is perfect for drum sequences



+1 for sunvox, also


Hydrogen is a free drum machine.

Buzz is an old but still good Windows based tracker that has lots of “machines” you can wire together and program sequences / songs in. Lots of ways to make beats (and more) with it.

Not sure if you’re looking for hardware recommendations but would a Teenage Engineering PO-32 / 33 or norns shield kit fit the bill? They’d do beats.

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Thanks for all the recommendations. I started using Reaper and was having quite some fun using it’s built-in sampler.

However, this Acer also suddenly stopped working and does not react to anything anymore? Does anyone know if this can be caused by audio software (which seems very unlikely to me)?