Stacked cables?


First off: just yeah! :slight_smile:
One thing that irritates me starting off: i cannot find a way to stack cables, i.e. have an output to to several inputs, as you do with stackable cables (i.e. cables where you can plug one “into” the other). is that possible somehow?

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ctrl drag
or reverse order: from multiple inputs into a single output with normal drag and drop

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ctrl does not seem to work, but reverse does: thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’re on a Mac, it’s Cmd+click.

There are some plugins, that by design, do not directly allow stacked cables connected to an input for example.

To overcome this limitation you can use a utility that allows the combining of multiple inputs to one out… which can then be connected to the input on the module in question.

An example of such a utility plugin would be AS’s Merge 2 x 5 which accepts up to 5 inputs and sends the combined CVs to 1 output x two.