Squinky Labs: EV3 Strange behaviour

Am I the only one ?

When I hover over the waveforms and tooltips is on I get info in the right bottom corner of rack.

Like this :


Squinky makes me believe I am special… am I ?

Same here, Windows 10.

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Everything seems fine on my Mac, might be a Win issue

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It does not give any tooltip while hovering over the waves or it is in the correct place ?

No tooltip over the waves, if right clicking I get the context menu

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Sorry, you’re not special. Same weird behavior here.

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I guess since we discussed this issue two days ago we can now conclude that for some people the tool-tip comes up in the lower corner, and for some people it doesn’t show up at all?

They show up at the extreme bottom right of my Rack window:

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I have to admit I was joking a bit. Everyone experiences that they are completely broken. That’s enough for me :wink:


Same thing happens on my linux.

All better now.



Indeed :+1: Thanks