Squinky Labs 1.0.8 - new stuff

We have a new module, 4X4, that is a four track, four section sequencer. It can be used with Seq++ to build up larger and more complex compositions with less tedium. It can also be used as a live clip launcher with a lot of clockable creative options.

We’ve also added polyphony to some old favorites. Saws and Stairway are now polyphonic. For those who don’t know them, Saws is our very accurate (and good sounding) model of the Roland Super Saw, and Stairway is our ladder filter with features borrowed from Moog, Electronotes, Oberheim, Rossum and Mutable Instruments.


Awesome work Bruce! Congrats on the 4x4 release, looking great :slight_smile:


It’s just some kind of holiday, thx!

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Nice one, you added tooltips for the ports on 4x4 :+1:


Poly stairway :yum:!


Yeah, couldn’t wait for v2, and it really needed them. I see you posted an enhancement request for that that seems to be accepted. That will be good when more modules can have it. I needed it here because the track CV inputs change their function and I wanted to make it clearer what they do.


Yes, this will happen in v2:

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Merci for polyphony… Nice :slightly_smiling_face::gem:


That 4x4 module is really going to help with my sequencing projects. :+1::hugs:

That’s nice to hear. Be sure to let us know if you have any feature requests.