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I think I’ll follow the lead of my betters and keep a smaller number of threads going…

Just posted a new release of everything. The only thing with a lot of changes is Harmony II. Just added support for Aria’s “PES”, so you can sync scale settings between modules that support that.

Harmony II has a ton of features, and most of them work pretty well now. But you can ignore all the features and use it just like any chord generator if you would like.

Also, the manual is greatly expanded. Of course I would appreciate any suggestions on making the manual or the module better. The manual now links to a new “more about Harmony” that has a very high level look at some harmony issues that might be of interest to users.

Feel free to post any feedback right here.


Oh, and the link is here: Release now with PES · squinkylabs/SqHarmony · GitHub.

If you want to build it yourself it’s on the main branch right now. Soon I’ll probably make a b15 branch for new stuff, but it should be pretty obvious where that is, if you are so inclined.

Did you intend to include some Harmony II presets?

Yes, although I didn’t verify that I did it right. Are they missing? If so, did you build or download? First test release I made two but they went away. This time there are supposed to be at least 4. Have you tried the PES?

I downloaded your new build. I cannot find any presets. Where should they be? I sent you a DM with an issue I am having with pentatonic PES input to Harmony II.

I’ll try those builds. I’m sure I made a mistake again. On my dev build, here is where they are:

@ale47p When/if you have any time… The manual for Harmony II, and the accompanying “more on harmony” will have many, many places that could be improved or are just plain wrong. :wink:

Oh - some non-obvious things about Harmony II:

  1. Although it began life as a diatonic chord generator, it is also a pretty good quantizer. Just set the output chord do be one note and it’s a scale aware quantizer with a lot of unusual features.

  2. Unlike “Harmony”, it is completely deterministic and predictable. So it’s not supposed to be a magic opaque mystery. It’s a pretty normal chord generator / quantizer.

  3. Originally it only knew about diatonic scales. I turned on the other scales that happened to be in there (left over from Seq++), but a) there are a lot in there b) I need to add more. suggestions, please!

I can confirm that the build you linked about 11 hours back does not include any presets. arm64 here.

ok, tx. I’ll figure that out and fix it.

I’ll gladly take a look at it

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I’m going to fix a couple of thing in the next few days:

  • Add Major Pentatonic scale. This sill go next to the minor one, so will push around some of the other scales, breaking any patches that use those scales.
  • Include the still missing presets.
  • Minor fixes to KSI/KSO cv.
  • Fix a terrible bug in the Key CV input when the value is out of the 0…1 range.
  • Increase the number of transpose steps in the UI so it works better with Chromatic scale
  • Continuous manual fixes/updates.

I’ll let you know what a new build is up. If anyone is really bored and wants to follow this in real time, it’s on a branch in my github called “b15”. Once the above is fixed I’ll merge it back to main.

Oh, btw, I try to put all reported bugs into the github issues tracker so I don’t forget about them. If you want to take a look, they are here. Of course you are free to enter them directly, but you need a github account to do that. I’m happy to put them there myself.

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Got a new release. Fixed the issues I mentioned before. Also found some where you couldn’t shift far enough in some of the non-diatonic scales. Release is here: Release release for 4/4/2024 · squinkylabs/SqHarmony · GitHub

Oh, and remember that “Phase Patterns”, the variable clock shifter, is still available in the test build, but not yet in the library.


Phase Patterns is awesome. A module up my ally.

The first bit (shift the clock in terms of periods instead of time) is nice, like gravity is nice. And somebody had to build it sooner or later. But the RIB bit makes it directly usable.

You pre picked 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 3. But could we perhaps have a numerator and denominator instead so we can dial in all the funky patterns that are in-between the commonly used ones?

All of my Harmony II testing with presets and “poly external scale” (PES) diatonic and pentatonic scales as fed by Meander are looking and sounding good. Harmony II is working will with Squinktronix Arpeggiator.

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Regarding the UI for the RIB parameters (total and dur). It’s a good point. In fact I think the last test version was more like your suggestion. Would you want these to be continuously adjustable?

The current UI attempts to make it “easy” for people to use the RIB stuff, but it does limit you from doing some thing. Could you be more specific about your suggestion? In particular, what range each control would have, and would it be continuously variable or stepped?

btw, for the truly hardcore, you can make your own shapes and feed them into the “Shft” input (which be be polyphonic). (Note to self: there is plenty of room for the full word “Shift” on the panel, why the crazy abbreviation?).

Of course the ability to feed in a shape is no reason to make the built-in one bad.

Hmm… maybe I should have a context menu entry to switch between “easy” and “advanced” UI?

Tx again for taking the time to play around with it and relate your suggestions!

That could be it.

‘Easy’ fits well in the set (Harmony, Arpeggiator) to get a ‘Reich’ type of sound. But then again, maybe all it needs is a continuous cv-in ‘Total’? (and a ‘reset’ input and/or button)

Init doesn’t reset the current global shift btw.

Ah I see what you mean with ‘own shape’. I had to play with it to figure that out :confused: . And then shift is also the reset. It doesn’t need anything.

well, it doesn’t “need” anything, but maybe it would still be nice to have? You don’t really “need” the RIBS generators at all, but it sure makes it easier to get “Reich In a Box”, right?

Yes. A Reich in a Box is a nice-to-have. I don’t need anything on top of these ‘easy’ and ‘hardcore’ modes as you name them.

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